Welcome to Dull Dude. We're a small games studio comprised of developer Iain Lobb and artist Amanda Lobb! We have over 10 years experience developing high quality games for clients such as EA, Cartoon Network, BBC and Adult Swim. We're available to hire, and always excited to hear from new clients, so if you have a game project in mind, please let us know. Our skills and services include desktop, web and mobile game development with Unity3D/C#, Flash/ActionScript3 and HTML5/JavaScript. We also offer 2D game art and illustration, and game development training. If you already have an artist or programmer for your game, that's cool - we're available to hire as a team or individually. Between client projects we're working on our own major independent game release.


Iain Lobb

Award-winning game developer.

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Amanda Lobb

Fantastic digital artist.

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Some of the clients who have trusted Dull Dude with their game development and training: